We don't believe in hidden fees neither in hiding the cost of possible mishaps. We do not charge "prep fees", out-of-blue mandatory cleaning fees or other extra expenses you didn't see coming. All fees brought upfront before assessing them towards your rental cost.

Here is the breakdown before any optional services you pick:

  1. Daily rental fee

  2. $40 Sanitation Fee to cover the cleaning fee, chemicals for the black tank and toilet paper.

  3. Any optional items you select (see Optional Items below)

  4. $500 Refundable Security Deposit

  5. Applicable taxes

There is 3-day minimum rental fee from May 21st to September 20th.

Your refundable security deposit ($500 per rental) will be refunded to you after you bring the RV back on time, in the same condition it went out. Things that might reduce the amount refunded include:

  • Damage to the RV that occurred while in your care

  • Cigarette smoke, pet or other odors that require removal

  • Sewer tanks were not dropped before return.

  • Propane tanks has been refilled prior the return.

  • Excessive cleaning required by us upon return. We expect to wash the linens, but a filthy or damaged RV will result in extra fees. One example would be all furniture and walls covered with thick layer of dust. The RV should be returned in the swept clean condition.

  • Late return of RV