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Certain guidelines supposed to be followed while you renting any kind of trailer. Careful consideration must be given to your tow vehicle as well to ensure it is properly equipped to safely tow the rental trailer. It is important that you understand and follow the guidelines below. Failure to do so could endanger the safety of everyone in your vehicle.

NOTE: If you are renting a travel trailer, we strongly recommend that you have your brake controller and 7-pin connector tested at least a week or two prior to your rental date. This will help avoid unpleasant surprises when you come to pick up your travel trailer rental. If you stop by our lot, we will be happy to test these for you at no charge.

Tow Vehicle Capacities

All vehicles that are equipped to tow a trailer are given a Maximum Towing Capacity rating by the manufacturer. This number represents the maximum trailer weight that your vehicle will safely tow in ideal conditions. As a general rule, you should limit your trailer weight to 80% of the Maximum Towing Capacity in order to have an adequate safety margin. as an example, if your vehicle's max towing capacity is 10,000#, you should pull no more than 8000#.

While it is important not to exceed your vehicle’s Maximum Towing Capacity, there are other important weight limits that should never be exceeded while towing, including:

  • Gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) - This represents the maximum weight your vehicle can carry, including passengers, cargo, fuel and the vehicle itself.

  • Gross combined weight rating (GCWR) - This represents the maximum weight of your loaded tow vehicle and your loaded trailer combined.

  • Gross axle weight ratings (GAWR) on both the vehicle and trailer, which represent the maximum amount of weight a particular axle can carry.

  • Hitch weight rating - This is the maximum weight your hitch is designed to safely carry. Tongue weight should be between 10-15 percent of the total loaded trailer weight for travel trailers.


Exceeding even one of those ratings while towing a rental trailer could not only cause damage to your vehicle, but also endanger yourself, your passengers and others.

All our trailers equipped with 2-5/16" hitch ball receiver, 7-prong/blades round connector, and electrical breaks on both axles. 

Please coordinate ahead of time for any additional equipment you will need if you wish to tow. 

And on the last note.. There is a delivery service available if you would like to have a trailer being delivered to your campsite.

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